Sponsored by AbbVie and Augustine Medical

The scholarship is the result of a partnership between AbbVie (Pty) Ltd, Augustine Medical South Africa and the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA). The scholarship was originally known as the AbbVie Grant but after additional sponsorship was received from Augustine Medical, the name and criteria have been changed.

The scholarship has been renamed the “The Rudolf Mononyane Scholarship sponsored by AbbVie and Augustine” in remembrance of a well-regarded SASA member, Dr Rudolf Mononyane, who tragically passed away at the start of 2021. (Click here to view the obituary).

This scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible postgraduate students, and medical officers in the public service, in order to further their training in anaesthesia.


This grant was created in 1971 and initially known as the SASA Research Fund, after a larger-than-expected surplus was raised from an Anaesthetic Congress organised by Dr Jan Pretorius from the University of Cape Town. The fund was named the Jan Pretorius Research Fund in 1972 after the untimely death of Dr Jan Pretorius in a road accident.

The JPRF is administered by the Educational Business Unit of SASA Council for the express purpose of:

  1. Promotion of research in South Africa.
  2. The publication of scientific material either in printed form or as audiovisual material.
  3. The invitation and circulation of visiting lecturers throughout the Republic.
  4. The organisation of scientific meetings.

From 1994 until present, there have been in excess of 25 recipients of this research grant.

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The OVS Kok Award was conceptualised in August 2003 and a team composed of Professors Mike James and Pierre Fourie, together with Dr Howard Radford, was tasked with drawing up conditions for making the award and to make suggestions for the naming of the award. At the suggestion of Prof. Fourie it was decided to name the award after Prof. OVS Kok – the first anaesthetist to be appointed to a Chair of Anaesthesia in South Africa.

This award is made in recognition of exceptional contributions to the discipline of anaesthesia through service, teaching and training. Research contributions may be considered but are not a primary criterion. The award is aimed primarily at individuals who have contributed to the upliftment of the speciality through selfless dedication to their patients, students and colleagues. The award is intended to recognise individuals working in less favoured environments whose achievements have gone largely unrecognised.

The award consists of an illuminated scroll and an appropriate cash amount.

The recipients of this award are to date are:
2005 – Dr Jenny King (KwaZulu-Natal)
2006 – Dr Ruth Hutchinson (International)
2007 – Dr Lionel Smith (Eastern Cape)
2014 – Emeritus Associate Professor Peter Gordon (Cape Town)
2018 – Professor David Morrell (Eastern Cape)
2022 – Professor Arthur Rantloane (Acacia)
2022 – Professor Christina Lundgren (Gauteng)


SASA distributes our annual Congress surpluses to the universities anaesthetic departments, the organising branch and the JPRF fund.

Over and above this, numerous prizes are given out at each Congress.

These include but are not limited to:

  • The Leadership Award – sponsored by Discovery Health
  • The Wellness Award – sponsored by Discovery Health
  • SSEM Mthembu Prize for best original research free paper
  • Tamara Burchard Book Prize for best article in SAJAA – sponsored by Fresenius-Kabi
  • Douw Greeff Prize for best review article in SAJAA – sponsored by Fresenius-Kabi
  • The Gaisford Harrison Prize – for best original research by a Registrar
  • SASA Prize for Communication Skills by a Registrar
  • SASA Prize for Best e-Poster by a Registrar


The aim of the Research Grant is to enhance the research capacity and capability within the anaesthesiology profession. It seeks to achieve this objective by encouraging skilled and committed anaesthesiologists to specialise in the field of research through financial grant support. It is believed that through this financial facilitation, additional specialist researchers will thrive in the field of anaesthesiology in South Africa.

It is also expected that these supported researchers will develop into independent researchers of international standing who can provide supervision and mentorship of future generations of anaesthesiology researchers in South Africa.

The Malignant Hyperthermia Center of South Africa is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of malignant hyperthermia (MH).